Who we are

Construir mirades (Building Wais of Seeing) is an educational project created by Drac Màgic and oriented to audiovisual language education and cinema culture diffusion.

Our main purposes are the education in artistic and audiovisual languages, diffusion of cinema tradition and culture and interdisciplinary learning practices.

Visual culture is present in our vital journeys and takes part in the experiences that nourish our knowledge, thoughts, emotions as well as in the symbolic references that shape our identities. In order to guarantee an active gaze, we find essential to support visual education, to question automatized audiovisual reception and to develop creativity.

Our educational project encourages the reflection around image’s contents and values. We work from a feminist perspective that focus on peace culture and cultural or affective-sexual diversities.

This project gathers the knowledge and experience of Drac Màgic in the work field of audiovisual language education. Drac Màgic is a social cooperative founded in 1971.

Thelma y Louise