What we do

We offer activities related to creation, experimentation and discovering the art of cinema. These activities are addressed to children and youth -from 3 to 18 years old – and to teachers.

We provide the educative centers with an activities program adapted to each cycle, from kindergarten to high school and all training cycles in-between.

We organize the activities around several thematic subjects. They suggest a path to explore audiovisual language learning and they promote a critical thinking about the image’s content and values. These topics are: feminist perspective, decolonial perspective, peace culture, sexual diversity, digital life, ecologies, experimentation laboratory, languages and techniques and cinema history.

We offer several activities which take the form of different methodologies:

  • We go to the educative centers in order to perform analysis, reflection, technique and practice workshops around various aspects of audiovisual culture

  • We organize film and short film screenings according to the scholar curriculum or on-demand.

  • Pack Màgic a l’escola offers different movies from Pack Màgic’s distribution company catalogue. Their films are specially recommended for educative purposes in the context of a classroom.

  • We tailor our proposals to the educative centers needs and projects, working hand in hand with the schools.

  • We follow learning and service methodologies in order to create integrated transversal projects.

  • We offer training based in our educational and thematic matters to teaching staff, in all educational stages.

  • We elaborate educational materials and online resources to facilitate the organization of awareness and educational activities that promote the principle of no-discrimination.

Following our experience in audiovisual and cinematographic education we offer advice and mentoring for every kind of paper or project: research work, master and degree thesis…

We also organize activities within the framework of education and leisure. We program film meetings, workshops and other activities at civic centers, summer camps, youth centers, libraries and other places.