Building Gazes (Construir miradas) is an educational project aimed at offering audio-visual language training and the spreading of film culture.

Its purpose is to contribute to the aesthetics education and the development of gaze pleasure, offering knowledge-gathering tools in order to understand audio-visual narratives, interpret their meanings and recognize the singularities, richness and diversity of film works.

Building gazes  provides creation, experimentation and film discovery activities as well as it promotes the debate on the content and the values that images communicate.

The visual culture is present in everyone’s life journey, taking part of the experiences that nourish knowledge, thinking, emotion and symbolic references that configure both the personal and social identities.

In order to guarantee an active gaze and a responsible attitude in our individual and collective relation with the images’ world, it is essential to give support to visual education, as well as to question the automated audio-visual consumption and the development of one’s own creativity.

  • The project is addressed to children and youth from 3 to 18 years old, as well as to the teaching staff and educators.
  • Building gazes takes place at Catalunya, Aragó and Comunitat Valenciana.